oath of the horatii - jacques louis david-1784

Love: The timeless and enduring caring emotion we have for one another, The virtue of compassion, where another person’s happiness is more important than our own; despite their qualities actions or ideas. A compelling feeling of enthusiasm and desire, transforming a regular individual into an idealist.

Faith: the confident belief or trust in a person, an entity or an idea. The conviction and determination to accomplish one’s goals,with a belief in a positive outcome related to events and circumstances in one’s life, without fear and without hatred.

Steel: The dedication and perseverance to achieve dextrous excellence. being consistently accurate with the ability to measure mechanical exactness consistently in every aspect of your being.

The calculated estimate of possibility of life in the universe is 0.000,000,006, and yet we are here despite all odds. That is the greatness of of love, faith and steel.