Sweat flows like a torrent down his forehead, his shirt is drenched and the heat makes his body shivers as if having hypothermia. His heart beats so fast that it feels as it may detach from his chest and go on it’s own.

lungs full of fluid, wheezing and aching make him feel like a drowning man. It feels much harder to spit it out the dry frothy saliva than swallowing it.

Legs throbbing and aching, so heavy he can barely contain his own weight, his sore feef burning with every step he takes but he presses on as he approaches his destination.

The sound of barking dogs draws near and even if freedom seems closer, the knowledge that they are gaining ground affects his psyche. Fear of being caught, and a sense of failure clouds his mind, but his determination to scape drives him to continue.

He finally reached his destination: a large fence, which looks larger than it did minutes ago when he first saw it. With barely any strength left in him, he takes a deep breath, squat and jumped as high as his aching legs would take him, with his clammy hands he holds to the top of the fence and with all his strength he tries to lift himself up and over the fence.

One of the hounds finally catches up to him and with its wide jaws snatches his foot and pulls him by, shaking its head right to left, jerking at him. It seems that he might not elude his get away after all.

A struck of luck…the dog jaws loosen up by the dogs own weight and the drool of its mouth, the man takes this opportunity to give all he has and pull himself over the fence and finally to the other side.

As he lands he looks back and sees the disappointed faces of the dogs that continue barking he smiles at them in defiance and takes a quiet walk away.