The frosty winds hit the front of my face as I stand at the edge of the plane’s door,  burning my cheeks, I hold on to the side of the fuselage attempting to look outside, but the strong wind in my eyes stops me from seeing the world around me and as the plane starts to ascend to higher altitudes the junior officer shuts the door and I take a seat to rest and to take the opportunity to evaluate my impending mission.

My commanding officer shouted words I cannot hear but I could gather the information given: “we are coming close to the drop point”, I put my helmet on and secure the visor so I could see the world around me and for the 3rd and last time I run a diagnosis of the equipment. Everything is functioning at optimal capacity, virtual navigation computer online and fully operational, and wings secure and ready.

I get the signal, and felt a tap on my helmet, the time to drop is here, the plane hatch opens and while  holding myself with both hands  from each side of the door I leap onto the sky. I drop until reaching terminal velocity and as I reach a safe distance I turn the flight equipment on; it makes a sudden hum as the wings on my back deploy, the thrusters engage and the on-board controls lit up inside the helmet giving me full control. The sudden rush that the thrusters give propels me forwards; while the wings allow my body to reach higher altitudes.

I soar far above the cirrus clouds the sky is clear and if it wasn’t for the pressure inside the suit I would feel the sub zero temperatures, below the surface of the earth looks like a green and brown carpet with the occasional patches of blue and the lumps that are mountains, still and peaceful as it was intended, not the chaos we have made. I continue my flight at cruising speed, increasing the altitude to near stratospheric height and thus departing away from the continent bellow to the ocean. The marker light informs me that I approach my destination.

I start my decent, gliding downwards I dive onto a cumulus cloud formation, a possible storm is spawning, the moisture damps my visor but my speed dries it almost immediately, As I fly in the whiteness I wonder what is in front of me, thankfully my navigation apparatus keeps me in check of what is around while the powered exo-suit keeps me impervious to environmental harm. As I descend I indulge in a few twirls and loops as I enjoy what is man’s greatest desire, the ability to self-propel through the heavens.

Reaching lower altitude I turn the main turbine firing up the mini fusion reactor core and with it testing the full flying potential of Daedalus. The wings move backward to allow aerodynamic supersonic flight. Sensing an electric static around my body and a sudden weightlessness I realized I had just broken the sound barrier, and even if I am moving at speed’s beyond 800 miles an hour, I experience that the world moves ever slowly, I marvel the natural surroundings as I continue in my path to the marker getting closer and closer to the ocean water below creating two parallel walls of water as I accelerate to near max speed Towards the island ahead where the marker is set and the final destination of the daedalus project.