It was the perfect evening without a cloud in the sky; the stars looked very clear and as we lay at the foot of the Eiffel tower in the champs de Mars; a park frequented by lovers to admire the sights of the most romantic place on earth, we await for the bastille day fireworks.

Like many others fate has brought us here to the city of lovers, and it can be felt all around us. The warmth in the air and the scent of fresh cut grass. it seems that even the trees are in love dancing an unheard melody brought by the breeze. People sat around waiting for the festivities to begin, talking, laughing, drinking wine and other spirits.

I turn to see you; your face so beautiful, lit by the sparkles of the tower. The stars seemed dim in the presence of the tower’s sparkling illumination. but none were brighter than you, your eyes, glowing with love and shining brighter than the lights above, your laughter resembling a composition of baroque composers, intoxicating me with delight, you then turn to me an look into my eyes, we draw closer and embrace, your hair touches my face as we near, your fragrance is exhilarating and our lips lock in a kiss, I held you tight to me, so I can breathe your sent into my lungs and feel your heart beating next to me, and I wonder if you can feel mine as well, you caress my hair and we look at each other,  the fireworks have started for the Bastille day celebration and we are admiring the display through the reflection of them in our eyes.