There comes a time in which we ask the question “who am I? “Why me?” what is the meaning of my existence?To live life?, to be good and to do good? Or is it to indulge in the pleasures of life and take what you can get?

All my life I have been different, as a child I was drawn to heroic stories, even before I could read, the images of heroes, or superheroes fascinated me. Not in the sense that I admired the aesthetic attitude of their appearance and style, no it was the majestic way they face adversity with fear but determination, with the knowledge that even in the face of  misfortune they would prevail, for the greater good.

My grandmother would tell me the stories of heroes of the past, and how during times of calamity and despair, some people will ascend, destined to be the precursors to a new area, the ones that will lead us to a bright future!! Possibly this ideas my grandmother had, mixed with my fascination of heroes, made me be this way,  spending  years training in multiple martial arts, studying; history, strategy, science, arts, etc…everything possible to be physically as well as mentally ready to be a hero, ready to do what must be done.

I stand now wondering, have I lived a life of delusion, I see a mundane world, seeing the same faces and the same personalities, in a variety of jobs  a monotonous world, in a constant loop: work, eat, sleep, weekend, and repeat. A world that has become so pre determined and organized that people have to schedule even the most basic human necessities, so consumed by capital gain that they have forfeited their life and love for it.

Gone, are the family dinners, the children playing in the streets, falling in love, etc…we have grown detached from our on society, we don’t talk, we “chat” dating is Online” games are “multiplayer or Co-op online” and our friends and family are part of “social network”

I would like to refer to a quote from Benjamin Franklyn:

“Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

That quote is the sign of our times; individuals have purposely enslaved themselves to debt and a minor occupation for the pretense of living a life of luxury. The media has been the greatest weapon used against our kind, telling us we are not thin enough, that we are nothing without the latest machine or device, that a car will grant you the right mate, that you cannot have a family if you are not in the right neighborhood and own the house as seen on TV, internet, magazines, etc..

Are there others like me? Not necessarily thinking of conflict but idealists, artist, authors, visionaries, trapped in an ordinary world, not interested in the pursuit of capital, nor to move up in a company but to help and enlighten others.

We live in the information age, a new revolution awaits, a change is needed, and we must break the chains that we have placed on ourselves. Let go of those possessions that bind you, feel what the world has and how to benefit your fellow man, touch, assist and stop the corruption.

We have to treat revolution as a living entity, living breathing, feeling, writing this I came to realize what component of the revolution I am:

I am the hands of the revolution:

to do what needs to be done I put myself out there and grab and twist and punch for the revolution, but the revolution is not just hands, it needs a body to grow, eyes to see what’s ahead, a brain to think the ideas and the credo, what is needed and what the change is all about, a mouth to convey the method and the principles, a heart to feel and embrace others that dare to think the same, and to forgive those who oppose us, and legs to take the steps needed.

Che Guevara said:

“A true revolutionary is guided by a great feeling of love…. We must strive every day so that this love of living humanity will be transformed into actual deeds, into acts that serve as examples, as a moving force. We must give birth to this revolution and to be that moving force, living breathing”

Idealist must come forth and set the new design for this movement, I am thankful to be the hands to make it so, and to find others to share and help envision and grow this new purpose, a human revolution

We live in a world controlled, organized, but to what end, we have lost the vision for the future, we have become consumer machines, we lost love and replaced it with desire, we have lost freedom and replaced with convenience. It is the time to bring these virtues back, and to embrace the technological wonders we have in more positive use, for discovery and for the benefit of mankind, instead to the debauchery that has befallen with its arrival.