Recent years have given a decline on the ideals of heroes, and what they stood for, great men and women have been brought down from the podium where they once stood, replaced by below average public figures. The late 20th century media gave rise to the “reality programming” and thus glorifying treachery, personal gain, immoral behavior and the pursuit of capital. The individuals that were glorified in this shows, became the role models for the 21st century, enhancing egocentric and shallow deeds.

So who are the heroes nowadays? Are the presidents or the military? Captains of industry and philanthropists? Some others say that parents, teachers, firemen, policemen etc… I am not denying that, but we need new ideas of reconstruction, requiring that we need greater, more glorious heroes to be our role model, for us to strive higher than possible, to reach beyond the parents and the teachers, that instead of individual gain and possessions we have a greater purpose; not born to indulge in everything, but to balance and achieve for the better of all of us.

I grew up idolizing Simon Bolivar, Augustus Caesar, Antonio Ricaurte, Spartacus and Che Guevara; Heroes that with their determination, valor, and persistence to a just cause, never stopped thinking and acting for the benefit of others; not wanting praise or reward but even giving their life for that principle.

Times are changing, and it is imperative that we look back at the splendor of our history and the marvels that great men and women have created, technology has brought us closer, the world is now smaller than it was, and it is time to be united in a common goal for the greatness of humanity, to use the tools we have for a better tomorrow instead of a selfish present.

What does it take to be that person? I have belief that a single person, with the passion and love in the right place, and with the right purpose can change the world, and that the greatest sin is to doing nothing when you could be giving everything.

I am committed to be one of these people. No matter what it takes, and maybe others will come with the same values, that there is more to life. That a Hero’s Courage is not measured by the battles won, but by the way they set foot onto the front-line time and time again. Trying different approaches, never giving up; not for gain, nor glory. Never selfish not for positions nor material gain but rather, the immortality of their accomplishment.

So rise above, admire the heroes of the past, those who bled for our freedom, make every effort to attain what they achieve, reach out to others like you, get your message across by any means necessary  and thus become a hero yourself.